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Making Ohio a Better Place For All of Us through the legalization of marijuana







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GOals for My free ohio!!!

1. Get Recreational use passed in Ohio

2. Help stop the Opioid Epidemic

3. Help our Vets!

4. Make Ohio the benchmark for cannabis legalization. 


how we are doing this…

1. We are currently passing around petitions right now. We need 1000 Signatures for the plan to get to the next stage in which we’ll need almost an additional 500,000 Signatures!

2. We’re going to be holding events all Summer long to spread awareness. From guerilla marketing on the streets in order to gather signatures, to spreading the word through Social Media, we’re going 110% and we need YOUR HELP!



Legalize Cannabis for Ohio

Legalizing Marijuana

Implementation of a lottery that winner will hold and take profit from a business site for 5 years. This will create jobs, training, and small business ownership throught the state of Ohio.

Fighting the opioid epidemic

My Free ohio pledges to get rid of the problem. Not by throwing money at it but by pushing through it. Ohio needs access to cheaper prices using cannabis as the alternative to suboxen or Methodone.

assisting our veterans through job creation

We want to help house, medicate, clothe, and train our struggling veterans and give them a trade they can carry with them throughout their lives. From farming to mental health treatment, we’ll do whatever it takes. It’s why we started this journey to begin with, to help our veterans stand tall.  

With Your Help, We are Making a Better Ohio.

Creating Jobs, Helping our Veterans get back on their feet, and using cannabis to fight the opioid epidemic. These are the reasons we’re doing what we doing. We know that the legalization of marijuana in our state, Ohio, can truly make a difference in the lives throughout our communities. 

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Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to create an even playing field in the cannabis space. We plan on doing so by giving those that meet the requirements a chance to profit from a business site for 5 years.

Along with this we’re going to stomp out the opioid epidemic that plagues Ohio. The mission will be one of the most important as we have witnessed too many friends and family members end up in jail, or even worse, dead. This effects not only us individually, but Ohio as a whole, and by creating the right rehabilitation programs using affordable and accessible cannabis, it’s OVER!

Lastly, we need to do better for our Veterans! We’ll help with housing, job training in the cannabis space, alternative therapy using marijuana for PTSD and drug addiction. They’ve sacrificed for our communities and our country, now its our obligation to help these men and women thrive.

Dollars Raised

Amount of money raised to help us drive these initiatives and get legalization passed for Ohio.

Team Members

Number of awesome folks on our team that are working tirelessly to spread the word and get leglislation passed. 


We can’t do this without the help of you, our supporters, who have signed the petition to legalize marijuana for Ohio!

Cities supporting the cause

We have people all throughout Ohio that are helping us get this legislation passed. From (city) to (city), we appreciate all the support.

businesses supporting the cause

We have partnered with businesses around Ohio that have the same core beliefs and mission we have here at My Free Ohio, to legalize marijuana and make Ohio the benchmark for other states to follow. 

years in the making

From our very first iteration of this legislation to our current amendment, we’ve been working hard to provide a successful plan to create a better Ohio. 

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

A Letter from the Board

My name is Chad Spohn. Born in Zanesville, Ohio and I’m 49 Years old. 

I created My Free Ohio for a few reasons. To help our veterans using Cannabis, to fight the opioid epidemic here in Ohio and West Virginia, and to use cannabis to create new jobs, housing, and security for the people in need. 

I want to share the wealth and therefore created a lottery system where WINNERS can operate a cannabis related site for 5 years. They can take their share of the profits, start a small business, or invest back into the cannabis market. 

I also want to ensure that medical cannabis is FREE! That’s right, FREE! If you fall under certain criteria, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket to recieve the relief you need. If you can pay and have a script, we’ll ensure that you can purhase quality product at a huge discount. 

We are trying to launch something unheard of in the industry and we plan on doing so one state at a time. Please help support our mission to make cannabis legal and give everyone the chance to profit.

I have come a long way on this venture. 5 years of long nights and longer day in order to give you, Ohio, the opportunity to thrive and set the bar for other states to follow. 



Chad Spohn

Chad Spohn | CEO, Board of Directors

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